Gerichtsvollzieher - Qualifications

Admission and Training

Persons wishing to apply for the office of Gerichtsvollzieher have to complete secondary modern school (Realschule[1]) or must have a comparable level of education. They then have to go through training of two years of the intermediate judicial service[2] and to successfully complete this with a career examination. Then they have to have served satisfactorily for two years in the intermediate judicial service (predominantly management of the administrative office of courts of law). From this circle of persons those applicants can be admitted to the career of Gerichtsvollzieher who are at least 23 years of age and no older than 40 years. The selection is done by the president of the higher regional court (Oberlandesgericht). Training lasts for 18 months, of these 6 months of theoretical tuition in a school under the management of the judicial service and 12 months of practical training at courts and with Gerichtsvollziehern. Following this, another professional exam. After two years of successful service in the Gerichtsvollzieher service (Gerichtsvollzieherdienst) they will be appointed Gerichtsvollzieher.

Training in total: 5 ˝ years

Until appointment on schedule: 7 ˝ years

Continuing Professional Development

[1] Realschule is a type of German school which leads to a degree comparable to the GCSE, not immediately to the Abitur (A level)

[2] “intermediate service” is a literal translation of “mittlerer Dienst”. The mittlere Dienst in Germany describes a level of civil service roughly comparable to the ancillary clerical service.

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