Organizational forms of Gerichtsvollzieher

Gerichtsvollzieher are civil servants of the States of the Federation in which they are working. Their service authorities are the county courts (Amtsgerichte). Within the district of the county court they will be assigned a well defined district (Gerichtsvollzieher district [Gerichtsvollzieherbezirk]) for which they alone are responsible. However, the Gerichtsvollzieher are from an organizational perspective separated from the county courts, they maintain an office under their own responsibility and on their own responsibility they employ office workers to cope with their work. They can form an office partnership[1] with other Gerichtsvollziehern, but they remain solely responsible for their realm of responsibility.

[1] The office partnership, Bürogemeinschaft, is in fact not much more than the sharing of an office to alleviate the demands of office management; it does not involve sharing professional activities.

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