This is a person capable of acting both as a Rechtsanwalt and a Notar which is allowed in certain of the Länder, especially in some of the country districts. An Anwaltsnotar carries on two separate professional functions, though they tend to be mainly involved in drafting and authenticating documents, and giving legal advice.

Anwaltsnotare exist mostly in districts which formed part of Prussia, or which were subject to Prussian influence. These include Berlin, Bremen, Hessen, Niedersachsen, Nordrhein-Westfalen (in districts other than those of the Oberlandesgerichte of Köln and Düsseldorf), and Schleswig-Holstein. In addition some Anwaltsnotare are appointed in the district of the Oberlandesgericht Stuttgart. Once a Rechtsanwalt is admitted to the notariat, his admission lasts as long as does his admission as a Rechtsanwalt.

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