The final category of notary consists of that of the Amtsnotar or Bezirksnotar. These persons exist in Baden -Württemberg only. In the district of the Oberlandesgerichte of Karlsruhe, the Amtsnotar is a judge, who deals with matters relating to the land registry, succession and the auction of goods, and also acts as a notary. This type of public official would appear to be the only type of notary within the relevant district. In the district of the other regional court of appeals in Baden-Württemberg, that of the Oberlandesgericht of Stuttgart, a type of notary exists also called an Amtsnotar; he is also sometimes called a Bezirksnotar. Such a notary is a civil servant or public officer who has received a five year training in accordance with the provision of the order made by the Ministry of Justice of Baden-Württemberg on the requisite training and examination for the career of this particular type of notary.

Before engaging in such training, the candidate is required to demonstrate that he has a satisfactory school record. The training in question is somewhat arduous, and has theoretical and practical components. Sometimes it would seem that a Bezirksnotar is regarded as a little inferior, because he is not required to have passed the second state examination. This type of notary coexists with the Nurnotar and the Amwaltsnotar, in the district of the regional court of appeals of Stuttgart.

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