The SIMVOLAIOGOROS is the public notary who authenticates and preserves important personal and commercial documents. Although he offers a public service , he is considered an independent practitioner who assist in the administration of justice. A person whishing to be appointed as a Simvolaiogoros must possess an University degree and normally have exercised the profession of dikigoros or a judge for at least two years. Appointment is conditional upon succeeding a professional examination. Simvolaiografoi do not have any rights to appear before any court.

The Dikastikos Epimelitis (Court Bailiff)  is an  independent practitioners who:

i.      effect formal service of legal and other documents

ii.     attach assets and enforce judgments and orders of the Court always on written instructions, mostly from lawyers.

The DIKOLAVOS (unqualified advocate) can represent litigants before Justices of the Peace and One Member High Court. According to Law 3026/1954, a person wishing to be appointed as dikolavos must have a Greek nationality, be at least 21 years old and have completed successfully his secondary education or alternatively have served at least for five years as Court secretary. He must also pass an examination before a special committee. The profession is now extremely rare as it used to exist to service remote rural areas where there were no dikigoros.

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