There is only one type of "official" lawyer in Sweden, the Advokat. Advokater have no solid monopoly, except for their title. They can be appointed as public defenders, but there are some exceptions allowing others this right too. There are approximately 2,850 Advokater, roughly one thousand of whom practice in Stockholm. Since there is no professional monopoly foreign lawyers have relatively easy access to the Swedish legal market. All those with a law degree can be styled jurist and give legal advice. The non-advokat jurists practice in offices known as juridiska byråer. There are over 100 such offices in Stockholm. Many jurists will practice as in-house counsel. Others will become advokater after gaining the necessary experience.

It is to be noted that even those with no law degree and who thus have no legal training, can practise law. There is nothing that prevents anybody from practising as legal adviser or legal counsel, or from providing other legal services to the public or enterprises. The exact number of legal practitioners without a law degree is unknown, but they are very few. They are differentiated from those practising law graduates who are not advokater, in other words those who are not members of the Swedish Bar Association will typically use their degree title jur. Kand.

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