European Lawyers' Information eXchange & Internet Resource

A Grotius project

Elixir acknowledges the support of the GROTIUS programme of the European Commission

Elixir was a part Grotius-funded project designed to promote and improve information available about the legal professions in Europe. The research work was carried out on a rolling basis and has resulted in an openly accessible collection of data on lawyers and their activities that should prove useful to those active in the Single European Market.

The new ELIXIR web site has in place a considerable amount of detail regarding the types of lawyers in each Member State of the EU and their training requirements. Many projects in all the other areas of the Council of the EU activity rely on basic knowledge about who lawyers are and what they do and how they are trained. It therefore is an essential building block for other projects which may deal with private international law, police co-operation and so on. The project has also been able to update and organise information on bailiffs and notaries. These two groups of legal professionals are essential for the administration of justice within Europe. Thus the results of the project are to be found at which site is openly available as a resource for anyone wishing to use it.

The project was carried out primarily with the co-operation of the Conference des Notariats du l'Union européenne (CNUE) and its members. Individual notaries, lawyers and bailiffs from across Europe also gave invaluable assistance.

Dr. Julian Lonbay

30 January 2001

European Lawyers Information EXchange and Internet Resource (ELIXIR)